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How to Guarantee a Successful Delegate Experience at Your Conference: Your Video Guide

Hosting a great conference goes beyond picking a venue and setting up presentations; Faye Tanner talks through how to create a brilliant experience for your delegates from start to finish.

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5 top tips for creating the best delegate experience


Plan and prepare

The foundation of a great conference lies in thoughtful planning and preparation. Anticipate the diverse interests and preferences of your delegates and provide a range of activities to cater to everyone’s tastes. Whether it’s adventurous activities or more relaxing outings – ensuring there’s something for everyone is key.

Use local knowledge

Meet in Cardiff is your ultimate partner in organising social activities for your conference group. With our assistance, you can curate a bespoke itinerary that perfectly aligns with the interests of your delegates, guaranteeing an enjoyable experience for all.

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Balance structured and free time

While planned activities are great, it’s equally important to allow delegates some free time to explore the city at their own pace. Strike the right balance between scheduled events and leisure time so that attendees can immerse themselves in the local culture and attractions.

Set expectations

Before the event, share previews and ‘top things to do’ ideas on social media so delegates have a clear understanding of what to expect during their time at the destination, and get excited in advance. Post highlights and must-see attractions and leverage Meet in Cardiff’s social platforms to share valuable insights and tips.

Collect feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool for conference planning. Ask delegates for their thoughts on their experiences, highlighting what resonated with them and areas for improvement. Their input can be insightful into what worked well and what needs to be improved for future conferences.

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